Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Peace Offering

This afternoon George's wiggly teeth got the best of Dave. He held him down and yanked (more like gently tugged) out 3 loose teeth. After the "procedure" Dave felt bad for making the poor little guy's gums bleed. So, naturally, to bury the hatchet, he shared his Gaterade with him.

I am not sure that George fully appreciated the gesture, but I guess it's the thought that counts. Tonight George is enjoying his last night of manhood....tomorrow he goes under the knife for the "big surgery." Poor thing, poor thing.


  1. Dave has missed his calling in life! He should have been a dentist!

  2. Oh poor Georgie. Also, did you know that if you type in your blog as: blodge-spot you'll be directed to a blog that is written by a quite vulgar man. Just sayin.
    We had fun with you guys last night! Please go to BYU so that we can continue to see you fun people.
    The end.

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